apple’s 6th-generation ipad is getting a new body

Apple’s 6th-generation iPad is getting a new body


Apple announced an update for the entry-level iPad. The company announced the news with the announcement of new iPhones. This new update gives a bigger screen to the iPad. The screen size of the iPad will be 10.2 inches. Another change with the update is addition of “smart keyboard support.” This keyboard support will be same as Keyboard connector of iPad Air 2019. The downside is that iPad costs around $329 and the new Smart keyboard costs around $159 which means that the spending will almost be half the cost of the iPad to get a new keyboard.

iPad lineup of Apple has been flux lately. Like last year, Apple renovated all iPad Pro sizes. The company also introduced a new iPad Air which was based on the framework of the previous iPad Pro. Just like last year, Apple has new announcement and upgrading the body of the iPad. The update is noticeable. The keyboard is decent for tablet keyboard but won’t be useful for keyboard of desktop or laptop. The body of new iPad is same as the iPad Air 2019. iPad Air is a little thinner. The differences are minor. The new iPad has display of 10.2-inch whereas the iPad Air has 10.5-inch display. The main difference is of bezels.

Currently, Apple’s website is all about the promotion of seventh-generation iPad. Most of the content from the promotion is about iPadOS. Apple is launching new branch of mobile operating system which will be tablet-specific. This new system changes the home screen, adds several new different features, and more. The new update is surely powerful and useful. But for replacing the laptop, the iPad still lacks behind. The newly updated iPad comes in two variants 32GB and 128GB. The shipment for this new iPad is starting on 30th September. The cost of the new iPad starts at $329. For education consumers it will be for $ 299. The newly updated iPad has a newer design and notable improvement.

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