China Successfully Launched Largest Rocket Made by its Space Agency


China has launched the first largest-ever rocket named March-5 Y3, which took off today with the payload. According to the national news agency of the country, the rocket made a successful attempt to launch the payload in the desired orbit. This is the first time China has tested and become successful in launching the biggest rocket made by the space agency. The rocket took off from the Wenchang Space Launch Center in south China’s Hainan Province on 8.45 PM Beijing time. Within a half an hour, the rocket deployed the payload in the desired orbit.

Chinese Space Agency has launched the Shijian-20 Satellite in orbit with the help of the March-5 Y3 rocket. This rocket is nearly 57 meters tall, 5 meters in diameter and all of the boosters are 3.35 meters in the diameters. This makes March-5 Y3 rocket the biggest rocket by the Chinese space agency or any space agency in the world. The approximate weight of the rocket is 870 tonnes, and the thrust produced by the same is more than 1000 tonnes at the time of launch. The rocket had two stages and can deploy the payloads in geosynchronous and low-earth orbit.

As the Shijian-20 satellite needed the low-earth orbit for operations, the rocket took it to the low-earth orbit. Shijian-20 satellite weighed 25 tonnes and deployed in the LEO or Low Earth Orbit. But, the rocket is capable of deploying the payloads in Geostationary or geosynchronous or earth-mars transfer orbit. For long orbits, the rocket needs to have the 8 tonnes of payload for proper insertion, which is enough for sending the reconnaissance orbiters to the mars or even to the moon.

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