discontinuing exercise affects fitness level

Discontinuing exercise affects fitness level


If someone who regularly practices exercises skip the same for a few weeks could end up reducing their fitness levels. Also, if a person is inured he/she has to necessarily limit the physical activity. This is not new to us but till now we didn’t have much idea about

A study was conducted by the University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom to find the effects on health if one skips physical activity for a certain period of time. The study was presented in the annual meeting of European Association for the Study of Diabetes which was held in Barcelona, Spain. 28 participants of the study walked more than 10,000 steps per day, reduce it to almost zero. They started following a sedentary lifestyle. Researchers tracked and analyzed fitness levels of participants by a combination of VO2 peak. it determines how much efficiently oxygen is used during maximum exercise efforts. Also researchers checked cardiovascular functions by analyzing health of blood vessel. When we exercise, blood is pumped at high speed through the arteries which keeps them healthy. The team discovered that participants’ cardiovascular function reduced by almost 2% and VO2 peak by 4% which led to a 4% drop in overall fitness.

It affected their metabolic health too. Body fat of the participants increased by 0.5%, circumference of the waist by about 0.3 inches as well as liver fat by 2%. Also, insulin resistance by their body was higher which is not desirable. It causes an excessive build-up of blood sugar and enhances risk of type 2 diabetes. It could be mainly due to muscle underuse. Professor at Newcastle university told that when we stop exercising activation of the enzyme AMPK which helps in absorption of blood sugar. Lack of heavy force on blood vessel walls due to not exercising makes them weak.  When individuals resumed their exercise regime, they recovered within almost the same number of days as they took off to build the same level of fitness again.

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