Finally, Boeing 777X Lifted Up for First Test Flight from Washington

Finally, Boeing 777X Lifted Up for First Test Flight from Washington


American aircraft-maker Boeing announced that its new long-distance 777X aircraft made its inaugural flight on Saturday. It is a crucial step for the aircraft maker whose greater opportunities remain troubled because of the ongoing 737 MAX crisis. The plane departed from a rain-combed runway around 10:00 am local time. The launch took place from Paine Field in Everett, Washington, which is home to the production facility of Boeing in the northwestern US. The company aimed to fly the 777X into the sky for the first time in mid-2019. But it suspended citing glitches in the latest engine produced by General Electric. Also, the plane had complexities with the software as well as wings. Well, the first expedition arrives as the company attempts to restore its battered image due to previous crashes.

The 777X is the world’s largest dual-engine plane. Even more, it is a larger and a great proficient version of Boeing’s eminent 777 mini-jumbo. It is the largest ever jet having a wingspan of more than 235 feet. Notably, the plane has foldable wingtips that lessen the width by over 20 feet. As a result, the aircraft is capable of fitting into gates and taxiways of various airports. Boeing could rename 777X to 777-9 in the future. Notably, up to 425 travelers can board on the plane that covers 7,600 nautical miles. If the check ride goes well, Boeing will legitimately file for permission from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). The company said another test flight could take place after testing and certification of the aircraft. So, before the plane enters service, it will have to pass a three-hour, fifty-one-minute test flight.

On the other hand, Boeing is facing a crisis over its best-selling 737 MAX following two fatal crashes. Reportedly, two new airplanes have crashed within five months, and the incidents have killed over 340 people. Now, through 777X, a long-haul place Boeing aims to beat its competitor Airbus. Reportedly, companies like Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, and Cathay Pacific have placed orders for the latest plane. Notably, the airplane manufacturer has gained around 340 orders from the Airline companies mentioned above. After the first flight, Stan Deal, CEO of Boeing’s commercial airplane unit, noted it’s a proud day for them. He added by flying a brand new airplane; they are going to transform the world one more time.

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