Get Whoppers Free At Burger King This Valentine’s Day By Swapping Memories Of Your Ex

Get Whoppers Free At Burger King This Valentine’s Day By Swapping Memories Of Your Ex


Valentine’s Day is all about being romantic with your partner and showing your love, affection, warmth, and tenderness for him or her. But Burger King is making this day sweeter even for singles. The fast-food giant is offering a free Whopper to hungry customers on February 14 in exchange for a photo of their ex. So those who want a free Whopper will simply have to put a photo of their ex in the breakup box. Once you decide to break away from the snap of your ex, the food giant will get you hooked up with a free Whopper.

According to a press release issued by the Burger King, customers will have to put a snap in ‘Birds of Prey’ movie-themed ‘breakup boxes’ to enjoy a free Whopper. So the boxes are in a way a promotional stunt for the movie and you will see Harley Quinn all over the place when you will go for a free Whooper. The film is scheduled to hit theaters on Friday and stars Margot Robbie in the role of Harley Quinn. The free Whooper will available in Burger King’s chain at New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Boston. The offer is only available on Valentine’s Day across all the locations except in New York. The offer will be available in New York from February 14-16. Moreover, customers at the New York location will have options to use keepsakes and letters if they don’t have photographs. Keepsakes may include a stuffed toy and a particular item of clothing.

Burger King has some offers for people living far from the location where free Whoppers are available. The food giant has an in-app quiz for such customers. Such customers will have to answer five questions in the quiz. If a user manages to give the right answer for four questions, he will get a digital coupon for a USD 3 Whopper. So, all Burger King lovers have something to celebrate this Valentine’s Day.

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