rising drug overdose epidemic in bay area claims 10000 lives

Rising Drug Overdose Epidemic In Bay Area Claims 10000 Lives


More than 10000 people have lost their lives across the Bay Area due to rising drug overdose outbreak. Methamphetamine and super-potent opioid fentanyl has played a bigger role in deaths caused by drug overdose. It is important to know that prescription painkillers have also been a reason behind such a crisis but it is not the main cause. Hundreds of thousands of people have passed away due to illegal use of street drugs like heroin and fentanyl nationwide. The Bay area has not seen such a disastrous situation due to opioid drug overindulge as compare to other parts of the country. It has become a serious matter of concern for health officials as the state continues to endure a pandemic of deaths related to a variety of street drugs. As per the reports, nearly 10005 people have died due to drug overdose across the nine Bay Area counties.

The Public Health Authorities have started to track the number of deaths due to opioid overdose since 2006. However, the data collected by the experts still seem to be far from reality. As per the study, Methamphetamine is the leading cause of overdose deaths across the state. Methamphetamine overdose has seen a 3-fold increase over the last decade. At the same time deaths from prescription opioid has decreased. Authorities have said that these problems have been there since 1990. However, an increasing number of deaths related to the dangerous combination of Methamphetamine and fentanyl have led to a frightening situation. The combination of meth and fentanyl is popularly known as ‘Goofball’ among middle-aged and young people. It has replaced the old injection combination of heroin and cocaine.

Although Public Health data has demonstrated the changing trend of drug use in the state but it has not been able to keep an actual record of overdose deaths related to the use of multiple drugs. Around 10 to 12 deaths per one lac people have been recorded in the Bay Area due to all drug overdose. Moreover, the death rate has gone up by 21 percent since 2010. 23 deaths per one lac people have been reported in San Francisco, which is the highest rate of deaths related to drug overdose since 2018. Opioid especially fentanyl is quite deadly. It quickly derails the respiratory system of the person. On the other hand, Methamphetamine stimulates the heart and the brain excessively, which results in heart attack and stroke.

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