Sleeping Too Much Is Associated With Increased Risk of Heart Stroke

Sleeping Too Much Is Associated With Increased Risk of Heart Stroke


A new study has found out that sleeping for long hours can shot up the risk of heart stroke. Scientists have said that sleeping for more than 9 hours at night or taking long midday naps might be linked to higher incidents of heart strokes. Sleeping more than 9 hours can raise the risk of stroke by 23 percent. At the same time, 6 hours of sleep has shown no crucial effect on heart stroke risk.  The research has been conducted by Xiaomin Zhang a scientist of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and his colleagues.  As per the experts, a midday nap, which lasts more than 90 minutes, can raise the risk of heart stroke by 25 percent. However, a power nap for 30 minutes has no significant risk of heart stroke.

Chinese scientists have observed 31750 men and women with an average baseline age of 62 years for 6.2 years. They used physical screenings and sleep records of the participants for the research.  Experts have found out that people who have slept for more than 9 hours have an increased risk of heart stroke by 23 percent as compared to people who have slept only for 7 to 8 hours. Participants who have slept for more than 9 hours and taken 90 minutes nap as well have been at an 85 percent higher risk of stroke. The study has taken the smoking habits, drinking, body mass index, family history of stroke, behavioral characteristics other lifestyle factors into consideration.

Although the association between sleeping for long hours and heart stroke is still uncertain but the experts have seen that long hours sleepers have adverse changes in their cholesterol levels and waist circumference.  These are crucial risk factors of heart strokes.  Another study has indicated that irregular sleep pattern is also linked to cardiovascular diseases. Short naps are elements of irregular sleep patterns. Therefore, there is a possibility that short naps play a bigger role in increasing the risk of strokes as compared to long hours of sleep. The study has observed that people with poor sleep quality have 29 percent of a higher risk of total stroke. People with long hours of sleep and poor sleep quality have shown 82 percent of higher risk of heart stroke in the study. People who have switched their sleeping patterns from moderate to long hours have been at 44 percent of cardiovascular risk. The research has highlighted the importance of moderate and long hours sleeping and maintaining a good sleep quality.

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