Sundar Pichai Is Receiving $242 Million Paycheck For Running Alphabet

Sundar Pichai Is Receiving $242 Million Paycheck For Running Alphabet


Running a big company like google is not easy, but what’s hard it managing parent company like Alphabet. Sundar Pichai has done a fabulous of job managing Google, and that’s the why search engine company like it hasn’t received any major rival. However, since a few days ago, Pichai received the responsibility of managing Alphabet, the parent company of Google, because Brin and Page decided to leave their critical positions from the company.

The recent reports are making Google fans wonder because it shows Pichai will be receiving more than $242 million per annum in the form of a paycheck. Alphabet revealed in Securities Exchange Commission filing that Pichai would receive an annual salary of $2 million, which is increased by fifty percent. On Thursday, Pichai received stock options worth $90 million from the company, and it will have a vesting period of two years. Its value will get increased depending upon how the company performs in the future.

He received two more stock options worth $130 million and $30 million for his continuous employment in the company. Top management employees receive a vast amount of stock options is not a big thing when one looks at Pichai’s worth it will be getting increased with a significant amount. Pichai has agreed to continue his leadership at a higher level since he will be handling Alphabet, which owns Google, Youtube, and many other small tech startups. Even though Brin and Page left the company, they will still be part of the members and shareholders of the Alphabet. However, now the corporate decision will be taken by Pichai, who so far has given many lucrative deals to Google. Pichai grew up in Chennai and held a master’s degree from Stanford also done MBA from Wharton’s business school that makes him eligible to do this job.

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