dean foods, america's biggest milk producer announces bankruptcy due to fall in demand

Dean Foods, America’s Biggest Milk Producer Announces Bankruptcy Due to Fall In Demand

America’s biggest Milk producing company, Dean Foods has filed for chapter 11-bankruptcy protection. The decision has come amid a huge fall in demand due to the surging popularity of alternative milk products in recent years. The sales of the company have dropped enormously in recent times. The company has been facing many challenges with debt and pension. There has been a growing demand for alternative milk products such as oat milk and almond mRead More


chinese man chops off his finger after being bitten by snake

Chinese Man Chops Off His Finger After Being Bitten By Snake

In a shocking incident, a farmer in eastern China cut off his finger after being bitten by a poisonous snake to save his life. However, the doctors have said that there was no need to take such an extreme step. The 60-year-old farmer was cutting the firewood near the mountainside when the viper knowRead More

plant-based diet can helps to keep diabetes away

Plant-Based Diet Can Helps to Keep Diabetes Away

A plant-based diet is a diet containing entirely of foods derived from a plant which includes vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, fruits, and legumes without animal products. It is not only good for health, heart, weight but also decent for the environment. A plant-based diet is a method that emphasizeRead More