Researchers Have Engineered a New Sweet-Juicy Apple that Lasts Up to a Year

Researchers Have Engineered a New Sweet-Juicy Apple that Lasts Up to a Year


A new Cosmic Crisp apple has hit the shelves in the US. Reportedly, the sweet and juicy apple can last up to twelve months in the fridge. According to farmers, it took more than twenty years to design the apple. It has glowing yellowish dots on its skin that appear like cosmic stars. Researchers from Washington State University (WSU) have engineered the new variety of apples under the fruit tree breeding program. The scientists detail it as an extremely delicious and durable cross among the Honeycrisp apples and the disease-resistant Enterprise. Kate Evans, professor of horticulture, has led the apple breeding program at the university. The scientists have derived the new apple’s pollen from the Honeycrisp; it plays the role of a father. On the other hand, the bright spots come from the Enterprise; it plays the role of mother for the new apple.

An ordinary apple turns brown after some time of cutting. But the starry apple is naturally slow to brown when cut. Even more, the apple keeps up the same taste and texture in storage for more than a year. As the apple is a crossbreed of Honeycrisp and Enterprise apples, it has both features sweetness and browning-resistant. Notably, Enterprise apples are naturally resistant to disease and browning. Whereas, Honeycrisp is famous for sweetness. Prof. Kate said the crispy apple is comparatively strong; it has an appropriately sweet and bitter balance.

Reportedly, it took $10 million to launch the apple commercially. The cost also includes plantation of millions of trees to produce a massive quantity of the fruit. Now farmers in Washington State are getting permits to plant the starry apples for the upcoming ten years. Currently, the Cosmic Crisp available at grocery stores in Bellevue and Seattle, QFC University Village, Sterino Farms nearby Pierce Country. Cosmic Crisp’s official web portal has recommended customers to contact their local store to check the availability of the apple. The apple is also available online, and it costs $39 for four apples. Washington, being the largest apple supplier, is ready to deploy 18 million pounds of the new apples nationwide.

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